Toller Rescue

Sadly, many dogs in the UK find themselves in need of being rehomed. It is no different with the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and here at the Club we aim to assist with dog rescue and rehoming.

We recognise that it is often a very difficult decision to rehome a much loved family pet, however, due to social, domestic or behavioural situations it may be not possible to keep their dog and we can help with the Tollers that come our way.

If you sadly have to make the difficult decision to part with your Toller then the first port of call is always to the breeder of your dog but if this is not an option you can contact us without fear of judgement and we can arrange for Veterinary visits, behavioural assessments, training, fostering and kennelling (in our own kennels). All this can be done at the clubs expense and throughout the year we run activities to raise funds for this purpose.

To this end, we have an overall Rescue Co-ordinator who can be contacted in the first instance and throughout the country we have Co-ordinators in almost every region who we can then contact.

We have a list of volunteers who are able to foster and some who are looking to take on a Toller. We also have our very own kennelling facilities should this be required supported and paid for by donations and fund raising within the club.

If you are looking to foster or rehome a Toller please contact the Rescue Coordinator

Joanna Mayston